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Skillit is a curated marketplace for building any and all life skills. We connect people who have extraordinary abilities with those who want to learn them. No videos, just a live and in-person amazing experience. From coding to cooking borscht with a local grandma to reading a balance sheet to changing your tire, carve another notch on your know-how belt.

We inspire, encourage, build and motivate you to collect limitless skills, be
the best version of yourself and live (and love) your best life.

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Need to light a fire in a pinch? These are the skills that train you for a triathalon, survival skills, or experiences to simply have fun.
Want to be an artist, or someone who can credibly critique one? Here are skills to unleash your creative energy and build a robust cultural skills toolbox.
Skills that glide, move, hum, bop, chant, groove, headbang, jazz, twirl, lilt, strut, prance, hip and hop.
Skills that will make you a genius in the kitchen. from setting a table to perfection to cooking with an Indian grandmother to creating your first empellón cocina’s fat-washed mezcal.
Skills that take you from start to finish. Learn how to use a DSLR camera, Photoshop the image, and post it to a website you coded on a computer you hand-built.
Bench press like the Hulk, run like he Flash, parkour like Spiderman and swim like Aquaman. Skills that make you a superhero.
Handy (Wo)Man
Be able to handle any situation, at any time, in any place. Changing a tire or fixing a sink, you will have all the know-how skills you need.
Skills that teach you how to knit your own socks, spin a turntable, and “help” your kids win first prize at the school craft fair.
Want to plant an herb garden, zen-ify your house, design like Zaha Hadeed, build a rock wall? Here you will find skills that make all your fingers green and your home a sanctuary.
Contouring, beard-grooming, how to walk a catwalk or simply feel 100%. Meet our beauty team of makers who will teach you chameleon tricks of the beauty skills trade.
Skills that increase your knowledge and aptitude to help you advance in your career or find a new one.
Self-care skills of physical and mental health to keep you stronger, more resilient, healthy, fit and ready for life's challenges.

Skillit believes that everyone should have the chance to improve their life-skills, regardless of financial circumstances. It’s why our Makers give back one in ten Skillits sold, and why we give back 1% of our own net revenues to ensuring that sessions are open to those who could not otherwise afford to participate.

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"I hardly have any experience as a rock climber. Beau did a great job of showing me the basics in a tremendously beautiful location. I came home with a few new hard-earned callouses! Beau was very positive and encouraging. I’d definitely recommend his climbing instruction."

"I had an amazing time learning Macramé with Lila! Her home is lovely, and she was great at guiding me through each step. I came away with a new obsession and a wall hanging that I absolutely love."

"Really fun group and a delicious meal at the end. We learned how to make ravioli and long noodles with proper technique. A really cool opportunity to make and eat an organic and authentic Italian meal. A fun evening for all."

"I loved every minute of the session with Stevie. She was welcoming, friendly and sweet! Such a patient teacher. I've made a lovely friend in the process of learning pottery. Thank you again for being so amazing."

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