Live Mix Mastery

Live sound fundamentals for musicians taught by a touring sound engineer

Everything you need to know

No matter what instrument you play (or even if you don't!) you can learn how to bring out the best in your music in a live venue. Together we will learn the step by step process to setting up any sound system, in any venue for any event. We will translate the technical jargon into real world applications for your setup. Never be afraid to be wrong or embarrassed again! With almost 2 decades of shows and touring experience across the world I've been lucky enough to work in every type of venue, with every type of act. We will together to not only make sure your music sounds the best it can, and making sure you can enjoy your performance on stage by putting technical difficulties behind you. Don't worry, I am definitely not the stereotypical grumpy sound tech! Our course structure will follow this plan, with time built in to answer your questions too:

  • Introduction, Sound Fundamentals and Equipment
  • Setup overview, patch lists & equipment choices
  • Signal flow, gain staging & clipping
  • Consoles - An overview
  • Mixing FOH
  • Mixing Monitors - Dealing with multiple mixing
  • Common Instruments - Drums, bass, guitars, keys, vocals
  • Setup and Sound check - A Step by Step process
  • Listening - Critical listening and frequencies
  • Dynamics & FX - EQ, reverb, gates, compression
  • Trouble shooting, feedback & Showtime


  • It is not a requirement to have any sound equipment during lessons
  • There are digital console apps available if you would like to work along during some of the lessons

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About Jon

After years touring in a band, I graduated with a degree in Media Technology, specialising in Audio Engineering. I toured Europe running live shows and festivals and came over to North America to continue my career. I have worked with world famous bands and DJs at events with over 100,000 people in many states, provinces and countries. I love the connection that comes with teaching the knowledge and skills from the industry I love to all abilities, from new comers to experienced enthusiasts.


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