How to Become an Entrepreneur while facing adversity, barriers and systemic and societal issues.

Learn how to become an entrepreneur or achieve your goals despite facing societal, environmental and systematic barriers that may be holding you back.

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This Skillit will teach its audience on how to become an entrepreneur or achieve goals and success despite adversity, societal, environmental and systematic barriers that may be holding you back. These lessons will be based off of life experiences and steps that I used to change my life and achieve success. Here are some of my life lessons: 1) Going all in, making the choice to do whatever it takes to change your life and reach your goals. You have to truly decide that you are feed up with the way your life currently is and where it needs to be. You need to be willing to risk it all. 2) Sacrifice in order for this monumental change to occur, permanent changes need to be made to your environment, friends, family, finances, habits etc. 3) Deciding and listing all short and long-term goals. List all goal and make sure its accessible at all time. Whether you write them down on a piece of paper, on white board, in your phone, the idea is to review your goals daily and have them visible. 4) Prioritizing all long and short term goals - Decide what goals are most important. Some of your goal can be looked at as steps to reach even more goals. Eg; learning how to walk before you can run 5) Figuring out all criteria and details to achieve these goals. Some of the goal you wish to achieve may have certain requirements and timelines. Make sure you understand everything that you need to know. 6) Length and time to achieve each goal. It’s important to understand that some of the goals you wish to achieve may take months, even years. Eg; diploma, degrees, certifications, pardons, work experience etc 7) Don’t waste time, get started 8) Rough Days Ahead Controlling negative thoughts Constantly seek out inspiration and motivation to help strengthen resolve. 9) Achieve, Rinse, repeat Keep an open mind, don’t be afraid to add or replace goals. Once you achieve, make sure you acknowledge it whether that’s through celebration or self-acknowledgement, but move on to your next goal and keep going. 10) Constantly reflect and maintain new habits. Think about how far you came. How you reached your goals that didn’t seem attainable before. How you will reach your new goals. And the habits you need to maintain in order to keep achieving anything and everything that you desire.


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About Godwin

For the last 16 years my life has completely changed from the path that I was once on. I grew up in a single parent home in a Jane and Sheppard housing project. I was surrounded by poverty, drugs, crime and gang culture. It didn't take to long for me to fall into the wrong crowd. I have committed crimes, sold drugs and became an influential gang member in my neighborhood. I have also been shot and almost killed and lost 1 quarters of my right lung. I continued living that life up until 16 years ago when I decided to take a different path. The Skillit that I wish to teach is how to become a entrepreneur or whatever your life desire is while navigating adversity, environmental, systemic and societal barriers.


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