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Level 1: Do we 'leak' messages we would rather keep to ourselves? The fascinating field of non-verbal communication is about what our body language communicates to others. How can we create an impression of confidence or persuasiveness? How can we tell if someone is telling lies or trying to manipulate us? Learn about 'reading' and 'production' skills, facial expression, paralanguage (speed, pitch, tone, volume of voice), gestures and eye contact. Level 2: Would you like to understand more about the hidden language your body sends out and receives? Learn about cross-cultural differences, personal territory, the body language of interpersonal attraction and the latest research from inter-species body language communication. Also discover the impact that your body language has on your most observant audience — yourself! Come prepared to learn a lot about your non-verbal behaviour through a range of class activities and the latest applied findings in the field.


  • The course is very interactive and involves lots of enjoyable exercises with fellow course participants.

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Founders of the #1 Body Language Training for Business Best Selling Authors of “The Micro Expressions Book for Business” and 2 other books Celebrity analysis throughout international media (CBS, Fox, Forbes,…) Founders of the first International Certification standard for Body Language and Micro Expressions Training for Practitioners, Coaches and Trainers Local Representatives in over 15 countries Executive Producers of the Award Winning Documentary "Destressed" International Speakers (speaking at Harvard University, TEDx, Top Conferences...) Thought Leaders and Developers of a unique Body Language methodology tailored for business people


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