We all deserve the chance to reach our true potential.

Creating your Maker shop on the Skillit website is free… with one catch. You have to donate a skill for every 10 that you sell. We are working with some great charities to sign up those in need to learn from you.
You get to feel awesome for doing good and sharing your talent, improving a life and paying it forward. How can life get any better? By donating more skills.
How it works

For every 10 Skillit’s you host, you’re required to donate 1 or more! You can donate as much as you like.

Skillit will reach out to you to confirm which Skillit you want to donate after every 10 you host. You can also let us know at if you want to donate one today.

We have partnered with several charities who help young people who have limited resources to access Skillit.

Skillit does its part by donating 1% of its revenue to donate Skillits to our charity partners. We’re aiming to help 1 million disadvantaged people globally learn a new skill!

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