Everyone deserves to reach their true potential.

globally do not have access to education.

won’t learn basic skills in childhood.

won’t acquire basic secondary-level skills for employment.

Would you benefit from free life skills?


Your skills can mean the world to someone.

Becoming a Skillit Maker is free, with one catch: we ask that for every 10 classes you teach, one is donated. We work with great charities to connect underprivileged youth with Skillit Makers like you, giving them access to skills and opening doors for a better life.

Make a measurable difference.

Feel good doing what you love, and even better knowing you’re giving back. Every 10 Skillits you teach, we’ll reach out to confirm which Skillit you want to donate. You can also let us know when you’d like to donate. Don’t let us stop you at one—you can donate as many as you’d like.

See brighter futures all around you.

We return 1% of our profits to your community by purchasing additional classes from Skillit Makers to donate. Our goal is to donate 1 million Skillits to disadvantaged people globally.

Become a Maker