Teach people to love what you love.


You could be an artist, a farmer, a stay-at-home mom or an employed coder—anything. With Skillit, you can make money sharing your passion, set your own schedule, increasing your profile and grow a community. Whether it’s your side hustle or full-time job, you can build your dream business here.


Ditch the hassle of the hustle.

We handle your scheduling, payments and marketing, so you can focus on what you do best: sharing your skills with the world. Open your Maker Shop with beautiful, customizable templates and business support at every step.

Give back to your community.

While becoming a Skillit Maker is free, we ask that 1 out of every 10 classes you teach is donated. We work with great charities to connect underprivileged youth with Skillit Makers like you so they can gain life skills they could not otherwise afford. Skillit returns 1% of our net revenues to your community by purchasing additional classes from Makers to donate.

Teaching is turnkey.

Becoming a Skillit Maker is free. We only take a commission when you make a sale. We’re real people here to answer any question and support your success. We make your safety our top priority by keeping your information secure at all times.

Become a Maker

One.Tell us what you’d like to teach, adding photos, videos and descriptions to entice your audience.

Two.We review your submission and work with you to ensure it meets our quality standards.

Three.You’re all set to start sharing your skills and making money.

It’s easy to get started, right?

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