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Where should I offer my Skillit?

20 Minutes

For online Skillits, ensure that you have a private, quiet and safe location with no interruptions. Good lighting and strong internet connections are also essential.

For in-person Skillits (once these can be offered), you have a wide variety of possible venues, including: your home or place of business, the Learner’s home or place of business, a co-working space, a library meeting room, a coffee shop, community centre or classroom. It must be a place that you are legally entitled to be and to conduct a Skillit, and one in which you will not be interrupted.

When using the Services and during a skillit, you agree to: (i) uphold the highest level of customer service and professionalism when communicating with Learners or SKILLIT; (ii) provide the services in a competent, professional, safe, and reliable manner; and (iii) be responsive, prompt, courteous, friendly and helpful in providing any skillit or in communications with respect to a skillit. By registering as a maker, you give us consent to conduct background checks and criminal record checks on you from time to time, without notice. You understand and agree that any unprofessional behaviour or acts will not be tolerated and may lead to your removal from the Services.

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