Lift up people and your bottom line.

Volunteer your skills, make a tangible difference and build positive social change in your organization.

70% of millennials favour companies committed to giving.

61% of millenials consider a company's community involvement when evaluating job offers.

81% of North Americans feel companies should act to address the issues facing society.

Give employees a platform for social good with Skillit.


What is SkillitForward?

We deliver CSR-in-a-box.

SkillitForward is an easy way for small to mid-size organizations without structured CSR initiatives to give back to their communities. Our online platform matches skilled professionals with underprivileged youth with a desire to learn. We provide your company with the tools and knowledge to build and showcase your CSR initiatives in an impactful and measurable way.

How SkillitForward Helps Dreamers

It all starts with a skill.

We’re on a mission to ensure everyone has access to the skills they need to achieve their goals, regardless of financial circumstance. A lack of money, time and connections all prevent underprivileged youth from accessing the skills they need to be successful. Our skills-based volunteering platform helps bridge that gap by ensuring young people get high-quality assistance from a committed organization.

Why skill-based volunteerism works

Make a difference that writing a cheque can’t.

Volunteering skills evokes pride and engagement among your team, while filling critical capability gaps in your community in a way that traditional CSR initiatives can’t. We set your people up to use their area of expertise to make a tangible difference. Whether an employee excels in strategy, accounting, operations, tech, finance or HR, we connect them with youth who would greatly benefit from their skillset.

How SkillitForward benefits your organization

No company is too small to have a CSR initiative.

Employees favour organizations with a purpose-driven culture. We enable your company to do good in your community and enhance brand reputation, while building and retaining a stronger, more invested team, finding new and diverse sources of talent, achieving diversity and inclusion objectives and ultimately improving your bottom line. We transform your organization’s CSR strategy from passive to active and ongoing, while saving you time, money and resources.

We give you everything you need

Making a difference has never been easier.

We offer a simple online portal that allows you to manage your CSR program with minimal effort. We provide you with everything from to marketing materials to promote the program internally to the ability to customize the demographic of who you share your skills with.

How can we help your organization make a difference?