How to monetize your passion with Skillit

1.Create a gig
Sign up for free, do good by providing a free lesson for a young person in need for every 10 that we help you sell, set up your gig, let us do the marketing and offer your work to our global audience.

2.Deliver great work
Get notified when you get an order and use our system to discuss details with your customers and provide your course in person or online on Google Meet right on our system.

3.Get paid on time, everytime.
Payment is transferred to you upon completion of your course.

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Business 101 for new Makers

Self-improvement is the key to setting yourself up for success as a business owner. If you have a skill, know how to do something really well, have something valuable that other people want to learn, you can turn that into a side hustle that makes you money… on your own time and under your own terms.

If you have a great idea for a side hustle but know there are some gaps in your skill set, consider how to take on freelance work to develop those skills. You can develop yourself as a business owner and get paid to do it, all while potentially building your network of potential clients and partners.

When your time is at a premium, use every opportunity to prepare yourself as a business owner is important. Read or listen to podcasts, Books on marketing, businesses, startups, account and how to make your own side hustle better and you an EXPERT at what you do.

Another thing to be constantly aware of is to learn from your mistakes. A mistake or error in judgment is to be expected always as a teacher, business owner and coach, so don’t let missteps get you down. Learn from them to build your skills and take those and teach others.

Guidance from someone with experience in your field is always a good idea, and that can be even more important when you’re building your own firm from the ground up. Having a mentor with experience starting their own business can help you prioritize your efforts and avoid pitfalls.

Learn to code, and you’ll have a lot more options. Knowing how to write computer programs will equip you to build a business in a digital world. Good thing is that you can learn that on Skillit!

Your current job doesn’t have to get in the way of your side hustle. In fact, in an ideal world, you are working in the field that you are going to teach in. Hopefully you can tie you passion and your job together and find ways to do both, and if not, use one to help build the other. Any skill (soft and hard) that you gain, is a benefit to you.

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How to make money using Skillit

Skillit makes it simple for anyone to turn their passionate or skill into a profitable side-hustle or even a full-time job.  All it takes to get started is five simple steps.

Step One - Tell us what we can learn from you

Identify what skill or talent you have that you want to share with the world. Write and concise and persuasive profile that clearly says what people can expect to learn in your Skillit and how it will benefit them.  

Step Two - The price is right

Your next challenge is to find the right price. Research what others who offer similar services charge and how much experience they have doing their skill and then determine your price accordingly. Skillit will also help by offering you input from other similar Skillits.

Step Three - Promote it!

When you are trying to sell yourself, this is the worst time to be shy. Share your Skillit with family and friends and ask them to share it with their network. Leverage social media to promote it to others in your network that might also be interested in your Skillit. 

Once people have completed your Skillit, you can also ask them to help spread the word because the best recommendations come from those who have tried your product and can vouch for it. 

Sign-up today at

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How to make money in the gig economy

Today, more and more people are opting for “gigs” (aka short-term jobs or freelance work) over the traditional 9-5 job. In fact, a fourth of Americans and one in 10 Canadians are taking advantage of this phenomenon. 

For many, this means taking on multiple jobs from different companies rather than working full-time for a traditional employer. These people are resilient and understand they shouldn’t put all their eggs in one basket and must seize opportunity wherever they find it. They often pursue work as craftspeople, caterers, freelance writers or consultants, delivery people - or some combination thereof. 

This work doesn't offer the stability of a full-time paycheck but it is a great opportunity for people who want to be their own boss, have a flexible schedule, work from home, and have greater job satisfaction. 

Many people have even been able to replace their traditional 9-5 to work on their own terms.  And it doesn’t look that it’s going to change anytime soon. Projections indicate that by 2020 almost half of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers!

At Skillit, we make it easy to turn your skill or passion into your dream job. Sign-up today to find out more. 

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Why we value experiences over things

The days of keeping up with the Joneses' seem to be on their way out. Today, people old and young and are opting for experiences over things. The traditional markers of success, houses, cars, vacation homes, etc., don’t hold as much meaning as they once did. 

Many millennials watched their parents lose big through the financial crisis of 2008 and subsequently, struggle to pay the life that was once comfortable, or watch them work well into their 70s. 

Opting for a different life - maybe a better life - many people are now focused on experiences over owned things. A recent survey found 74% of Americans prioritize experiences over products.  

This isn’t overly surprising because many studies have found that spending money on experiences brings more lasting joy than spending money on things. 

Let Skillit help you find your spark of joy through a new learning experience today.

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5 Celebrities with Successful Hustles

Many of us look outside our day-jobs to fulfill a passion or spark some joy. Even celebrities. Here’s five celebs that have taken their skills and name recognition to become entrepreneurs: 

  1. Ryan Reynolds - Aviation Gin. In 2018, this Canadian actor purchased a boutique gin distillery in Portland, Oregan and uses his celebrity to advertise the brand in cheeky ads. 
  2. Jessica Alba - The Honest. After becoming a mom, Jessica Alba founded a company selling eco-friendly, nontoxic items in the household, cleaning and beauty space. She even landed a spot on Forbes' America's Richest Entrepreneurs Under 40 in 2016.
  3. Jeremy Renner - Flips Houses. While pursuing his acting career, Jeremy Renner renovated and flipped houses. In 15 years, he has bought and remodeled over 20 homes from mansions to cabins
  4. Susan Sarandon - SPiN. This Academy award-winning actress and ping-pong enthusiast, founded a chain of ping-pong clubs called SPiN. Toronto is home to one of them. 

Kate Hudson - Fabletics. Actress and mom, Kate Hudson, founded Fabletics, an athleisure brand in 2013 and found quick success with a smart marketing strategy that leveraged social media. 

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Why You Should Teach a Skill on Skillit

Skillit is a unique platform that brings together people who have skills to teach and those who want to learn.

As a Maker, you have the chance to permanently change other people's lives for the better – and your own. 

Here's why you should teach a skill on skillit!

Help others

Teaching is incredibly rewarding. A good teacher can inspire anyone to learn anything. You can develop someone’s subject knowledge, their mind and maybe even the way they view the world. One-on-one teaching is particularly important because it allows you to demonstrate skills and particular nuances, plus students can ask questions in real-time - something that videos and online learning can’t provide. 

helping others by teaching them a skill

Share your passion

There’s nothing better than the feeling of joy that comes with sharing your favourite sport, hobby, recipe or another passion project with someone. Particularly, when you find a shared spark of interest. 

Build your network

Today our world is built on referrals. We are always asking our family and friends for recommendations on books, movies, advisors, teachers so learning should be no different. Once you start to become known for your skill, students will share their great experience with others and soon others will seek you out. 

Expand your audience

Skillit gives you access to Dreamers that you never had access to before. Our reach, advertising budget, network, and platform give you access and a way to reach an audience beyond your capability and build your brand, earning capacity and reach the way you want it to grow.

expand your audience

Make Money

With Skillit, you can also make money while reaping the benefits above. You set the terms of how, when, where and for how much you want to offer your Skillit for and leave the rest to us.

Whether your skill is your side-hustle or your full-time job, Skillit can help you reach for entrepreneurial goals. 

Teach a Skill on Skillit - we'll see you on the other side!

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The New Site That’s Airbnb – but for Skills

More people are freelancing than ever before.

U.S. consulting firm, McKinsey estimates that 27% of U.S. workers are engaged in freelance work. A number which is expected to rise to around 50% in 2030. In Canada, over 20% of all workers are estimated to be freelancers.

The appeal for most is the flexibility and independence of being your own boss or pursuing work that aligns more with your personal passions. 

As humans, we tend to think of learning a new skill or “going back to school” as something you’d do when looking to change careers, or to upgrade within your current one.
learning a new skill online

Take Action - Develop your Skill-Set

Lifelong learning has incredible benefits, both personal and professional. It makes communities more productive and innovative and gives employees the ability to cope with constantly changing workplaces.

Lifelong learning helps us stay sharp as we age and is also important for a successful economy. It helps us communicate better, socialize more effectively, and achieve greater success.

Success, however, it’s defined. Takes action and taking good, appropriate action takes skills. 

Skillit wants to help people learn new skills to live their best life. Our new online platform matches people with skills to teach and those who want to learn, to allow anyone to be the Jack or Jill of any trade. 

handy woman using drill

We give you the ability to be the master of your knowledge, build a toolbox of everything you need to succeed in any situation and know how to solve the problems that you encounter. Your skillset is dependent on what knowledge you have access to.

woman kneading pizza dough

“Think of it as the Airbnb model for skills, learn a handy skill like patching drywall or sewing a button. Learn to cook lasagna from scratch from an Italian Nona or how to paint from an artist.  Learn an instrument or language or upskill your business chops to land your next job or promotion. Whatever skill you want to teach or learn, we can match you with people in your community who share your passion.” 

Zahra Al-Harazi

“Just as Airbnb has made it simple to find and book a room or house anywhere in the world. We want to make it that simple to learn or teach a skill to live your best life.” 

Al-Harazi added.

Skillit is where you learn everything you want to learn, hands-on and in person, the way learning should be.

The dropout rate of online learning is 97% because you can’t learn in a vacuum. We make it easy and fun.

Have an experience while you travel the world of skills and knowledge and find an amazing home to stay.

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