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Alcohol Compliance Guidelines for Marketplace Maker’s

Summary: The Skillit platform permits the marketing of alcoholic beverages and alcohol related Skillit, provided that all of the following criteria are met.

In person Skillit: Skillit Maker’s may provide their services at in person Skillit including alcohol, provided that the alcohol is sold by a properly licensed entity or if the alcohol is provided by the consumer. Skillit must also meet the Flow of Funds criteria and other requirements listed below.

Physical Products: Skillit Maker’s may sell alcoholic products on the Skillit platform provided that they are properly licensed and follow all of the criteria listed below.

Criteria for Compliant Alcohol Sales:


The Maker’s must have all applicable alcohol licenses to sell and ship (if applicable) alcohol or Skillit involving alcohol. Skillit markets and facilitates Skillit involving alcohol sales, but does not sell alcohol and is not a “Licensed Entity” (a party licensed to sell alcohol). Please contact your legal counsel if you have questions regarding your ability to legally sell or ship alcohol. In order to sell alcohol on the Skillit platform, a Licensed Entity must provide the following information:

● Licensed Entity Name

● License number

● License type

● Province of License

Seller: If alcohol is being sold, the Licensed Entity must be the seller of the transaction. Skillit is only a third party provider that markets and facilitates the transaction. Skillit cannot be the seller of transactions involving alcohol.

Order Acceptance & Fulfillment: All alcohol orders must be remitted to, accepted by and

fulfilled by the Licensed Entity. Both order acceptance and fulfillment can easily be completed

by Licensed Entities via the Skillit platform.

Pricing & Product Details: All decisions regarding pricing, product and Skillit details must

be made by the Licensed Entity. As with all sales conducted by luminaries on the Skillit

marketplace, Licensed Entities are empowered to set prices and make all creative decisions on

products and Skillit.

Flow of Funds: Skillit helps facilitate the collection and disbursement of funds through an Canadian bank account, but all disbursements are per the Licensed Entity’s previously agreed payout instructions. Payouts for alcohol must always be made to the Licensed Entity.

Sales Tax & State Select Technology: Skillit’s platform is designed to allow Licensed Entities to provide details regarding where they have sales tax nexus and where they are authorized to sell specific products. Licensed Entities are responsible for accurately entering their tax and license information.

Compliant Products & Skillit:

1. Alcohol Shipped to Customer: A Licensed Entity, such as a winery, may sell alcohol

products like a case of wine directly to consumers via the Skillit platform, provided that

they are properly licensed for DTC sales in the consumer’s province and the sale follows all

the criteria listed above.

2. Skillit (Customer Provides Alcohol): a bartender or sommelier not holding an

alcohol catering license may provide his/her services at an event, provided that the

customer separately purchases the alcohol. The bartender/sommelier is permitted to

provide services, consultation, equipment and non-alcoholic supplies and ingredients,

but should not bring any alcohol unless he/she has proper licenses to sell alcohol.

3. Skillit (Maker Provides Alcohol): a Maker may offer a Skillit including alcohol such as a wine tasting, provided that the Maker is a Licensed Entity and the payment for alcohol flows directly to the Licensed Entity.

a. Note: an unlicensed Learner such as a sommelier could help guide a wine

tasting and provide tasting notes and tips, but the alcohol must be sold by a

Licensed Entity and the Licensed Entity must receive the payment for the alcohol.

The vendor portal is not currently set up to accommodate multiple Maker’s for

one product so this is only an option for Retail products.

4. Skillit Including Free Tasting of Alcohol (a.k.a. Passport Event): A Maker may arrange a skill teaching that includes free tasting of alcohol from a Licensed Entity such as a winery, brewery, or distillery that has license privileges that include free tastings to consumers. Alcohol served must be limited to legally allowed tastings provided by the Licensed Entity and alcohol must be provided free of charge.

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If you have any questions regarding this Maker Addendum feel free to send us a note at info@myskillit.com. We will happily answer any questions you have.

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