Our mission

Skillit is on a mission to provide you access to self-betterment skills through the power of human connection.

Spend your money on developing you. Develop new skills, gain knowledge, and make powerful lifelong connections. Find your new passion. Explore your interests. Develop a new side hustle. Simply learn something cool. Then share it with others around you. You can never lose when you invest in yourself.

who we are

We are the first and only marketplace for helping today’s generation learn life-skills, from learning to code to changing a tire, by connecting them with experiences created by skilled experts. Skillit provides a platform to thousands of Makers to share their expertise, for businesses to share their wares and for everyone to make money.

Every Skillit is a live, in-person experience: a lesson, activity, class or workshop, where Makers create an experience and our users, we call them Learners, build their soft-skills along with their hard-skills and become the best versions of themselves.

Our members enjoy access to any skill that they ever wanted to learn. Engage with athletes, artists, musicians, craftsmasters, historians, experts in their fields, designers, and others who inspire shared interests, foster lasting teachings, and benefit impactful causes.

Makers can share their talent and build their business on the Skillit marketplace. From meeting premium clientele to promoting their skill in a curated, safe environment, top skill teachers trust Skillit to help them build their brand while benefiting important causes.

At Skillit, we believe that life is about learning, sharing and self-development. Our goal is to give everyone access to everything they want to learn in one place, hands-on, in a fun, experiential way.

what we believe

Everyone deserves the chance to reach their true potential. At Skillit, we believe in the value of personal connections, and that the best way to learn is through experiences.

Learning Skills for a Better Life

Learning is a personal journey, and today, people view learning as a subset of their self-development, motivated by their passions and goals. Today’s generation want to be masters of a variety of life skills, and invest their time and money in learning skills that can help accelerate their employability, well-being and give themselves a sense of greater purpose.

Human Connections Matter

We currently live in a digital age where human connections have become a human luxury. Anyone can access a world of knowledge with the touch of a fingertip, but with today’s generation craving a world of experiences, increasingly investing more of their money in physical and human interaction, can this desire be extended to learning?

When people want to learn a new skill, they turn to digital channels like Google, YouTube and online learning platforms, but according to the Harvard Business Review, more and more people are turning to skilled peers, simply because the transfer of knowledge through a trusted network, is a better way to acquire knowledge. The World Economic Forum says that experiences are proven to enhance learning, in particular, soft skills.

So, what do you want to learn today?

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We also believe in leaving the world better than we found it, and make a difference through the things we make, the platform we have, and community we create. That’s why we have SkillitForward.

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how we got here

We started Skillit because we wanted a place that allowed us to share the power of learning skills with a human connection.

We were baffled by the limitations of accessing hands-on learning for skills. Why couldn’t people easily access a one-on-one, in-person experience with an expert? If someone wanted to learn a necessary life-skill, we would have to scour multiple online sites, choose between an inconvenient and expensive class, or an online video that wasn’t the least bit engaging. When, in fact, there were a variety of experts, that were able to teach people the same skills, within a short distance, available on-demand and available in-person.

We hope that Skillit can be that place for you to find your new passion, explore your interests, develop a new side hustle, make powerful lifelong connections or simply learn something cool.

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— Sarah & Zahra

Why Skillit?
Investing in yourself is the best way to spend your money.
The dropout rate for online learning is 97%.
80% of people agree there is a skills gap, and 35% say it affects them personally.
Freelancers will make up 80% of the workforce by 2030.
Companies are hiring based on Skills, not Degrees.
We believe that human connection is the key to life and learning. explore your best life